“Listening may be the single most undervalued and undeveloped business skill, especially in an age of increasing uncertainty and fast-paced change.”
– Jeffrey Immelt, Chairman and CEO of General Electric

“Most people love talking and hate listening. Yet the best business leaders have a different balance. Bernie Ferrari understands this. He is a skilled listener and a skilled student of human behaviour. He also happens to be a superior advisor to corporate leaders. Bernie has broken down the art and skill of listening and created a framework all executives will find helpful. What Bernie has to say is worth listening to.”
– James P. Gorman, Chairman and CEO, Morgan Stanley

“Bernie Ferrari’s work has led to a compelling instructional path for how to be a better business listener. His is not a set of theories, but rather a clear framework for how to use listening to get to better information and make better decisions. His frameworks and lessons have served him and a host of our other McKinsey partners remarkably well, as they sort through the complex situations they encounter. I believe that Bernie’s book will be well worth the time of any business person who wishes to improve his or her efficacy and judgment.”
— Dominic Barton – Global Managing Director, McKinsey & Company

“Listening is an elusive talent and, for students who are used to learning concrete methods and practices, it can sometimes be difficult to provide constructive practical tips on how to hone that talent. This is what makes Bernie Ferrari’s book so unique and valuable. For our students, his approach to teaching good listening skills has been highly effective. Not only does he make abstract ideas and practices tangible and intelligible, but he provides a deeply compelling case for why our students should spend time and energy developing their listening skills.”
— Mark Zupan, Dean and Professor of Economics and Public Policy, Simon Graduate School of Business, University of Rochester

“Bernie’s ideas and framework for how to be a better listener are based on countless conversations in which he was able to witness firsthand the remarkable power of listening in business. He has been in the unique position of working closely with executives of every stripe across a number of industries including entertainment and consumer products where I work. Not only will his insights be helpful to you; he has also clearly laid out practical ways by which you can improve your listening immediately and become a more successful manager.”
—Steve Hasker, President, Global Media and Advertiser Solutions, The Nielsen Company

“Many leaders overlook how critical the skill of listening is to their business success. Bernie Ferrari gets it. Power Listening is a clear guide to not only improving your listening skills, but to having better conversations. Better conversations in business means better business. Take his sound and proven advice or bear the consequences!”
—Roger Connors and Tom Smith, bestselling authors of The Oz Principle, How Did That Happen?, and Change the Culture, Change the Game